Current Lab Members:

  • Adam Bolton (expected, 2023 co-advised with Arnab Maity) Optimal Design and Analysis for Calibration Experiments
  • Kasia Dobrzycka (expected, 2023) Advances in Bayesian Multi-Objective Optimization
  • Nicholas Larsen (expected, 2023, co-advised with Srijan Sengupta) New Approaches to Online Controlled Experiments
  • Kade Young (expected, 2023) Optimal Design for Penalized Estimation

Graduated Lab Members:

  • Michael McKibben (2022) On the Importance of Variance Estimation for Variable Selection in Screening Experiments
  • Ethan Davis (2022) New Approaches to Constructing and Evaluating Data Subsamples for Large and Dynamic Data Structure
  • Julia Holter (2022) New Approaches to Tuning Parameter Selection in Penalized Estimation
  • Rebecca North (2021) Topics on Functional Variable Selection with Application to EMG Data Analysis
  • Katherine Allen (2020) New Approaches for Crossover and Screening Optimal Design
  • Munir Winkel (2018, co-advised with Brian Reich) New Applications of Sequential Experimental Design
  • Md Nazmul Islam (2018, co-advised with Ana-Maria Staicu) Functional Data Analysis with Applications in Animal Science and Biomedical Engineering